David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D., Science Vita

David W. Orme-Johnson's scientific publications on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs can be found at his website TruthAboutTM.com. This includes David's vitarecent publications,books and reviews, and papers in the areas of PsychophysiologyHealth PsychologyIntelligence and CreativityHuman Development and Higher States of ConsciousnessDrug and Prison RehabilitationCollective Consciousness and Conflict Resolution, and Behavioral Psychology.

Peggy Snell, Dr. Vincent Snell, Dr. David Orme-Johnson, and Dr. Keith Wallace discussing the scientific research with Maharishi in Fiuggi Fonte, Italy, June, 1972


I was telling Maharishi about my research on the effects of TM on autonomic stability. I found that it increased stability and hastened the rate of recovery from stressors. He was particularly interested in all the correlates of autonomic stability, which had been discovered by other researchers in the field. These include increased ability to withstand stress, increased field independence, decreased anxiety, and  decreased susceptibility to diseases. He commented that the growth of inner stability is a classical marker of the development of Cosmic Consciousness, the first stabilized state of enlightenment, the fifth state of consciousness after waking, dreaming, sleep, and transcendental consciousness.

Orme-Johnson, D.W. (1973). Autonomic stability and Transcendental Meditation. Psychosomatic Medicine, 35, 341-349.


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