Dr. David Orme-Johnson has a BA from Columbia and PhD from the University of Maryland in experimental psychology. David is one of the first and most prolific researchers on meditation, with over 100 scientific papers in the field. He was the first researcher to provide scientific evidence that meditation of any kind could alter how we react physiologically to stress, with his landmark study on TM and autonomic stability published in 1973 in the leading journal Psychosomatic Medicine. He was also the first to show that the EEG signature of the Transcendental Meditation technique (alpha1 coherence) was correlated with creativity and intelligence.

David also conducted innovative research on TM in many other areas, including prison rehabilitation, neuroimaging, cognitive abilities, and the collective effects of TM on reducing crime, war and terrorism. He has twice served as an expert on meditation at national NIH technology assessment conferences. David was a founding faculty of Maharishi International University and Maharishi European Research University and worked closely with Maharishi for many years. His positions included Vice Chancellor and Director of Research at MERU and Chair of the Psychology Program, Dean of Research, and Director of the Doctoral Program in Psychology at MIU/MUM.

His website TruthAboutTM.org has summaries of all the TM research and rebuttals to negativity about TM that has appeared on the Internet. He is currently the Research Desk for the Maharishi Foundation, providing summaries and PowerPoints of new research on TM for TM teachers around the world.  





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